Rhino Roofing uses Owens Corning certified materials made right here in Indiana. At Rhino Roofing and Exteriors we never compromise quality.

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It’s not a roof for just any home. So don’t pick just any company.

Your current roof has wind and hail damage. It was built with outdated building practices and subpar materials. It was built by a crew looking to get the roof on as fast as they can. And it is currently the only thing keeping the elements, the insects, and the animals out of your home.

Is the current roof going to keep you, your family, and your possessions safe?

Rhino Roofing and Exteriors uses quality material, the latest construction standards, and superb customer services to get the job done.

With over 20 years of experience, Rhino Roofing and Exteriors can talk with your insurance company and take the headache out of replacing your roof. They are with you every step of the way.

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“Super nice guys and crew. Extremely responsive. Did solid work on my 140+ year old house. Called on a Thursday, had an estimate on Friday and they started working on Saturday.”

— Rob Bocko

Rhino roofing did my 50 square foot roof with all the trimmings and its awesome. Cory was very responsive and always on top of things from the start. The job was done quickly and most importantly the job was done right. I recommend Rhino Roofing & Exteriors to anyone needing roof work done. Cory even dealt with my insurance company on a code item they missed. 5 Stars!

—Jeff Moore

I am a real estate agent and have worked with many roofing companies. Rhino Roofing is by far the best on many levels. I appreciate their communication with me and especially how they work so hard to get the most from insurance. The work and craftsmanship their crew puts into the jobs is fantastic and they always make sure to leave the grounds especially clean of fallen debris! Highly recommend Rhino Roofing!

—Angela Horner

Ignoring roof damage can lead to many problems

Don’t Let these things happen to you.


A leaky roof can lead to mold inside the home causing health problems for everyone.

Structural Damage

Weak or damaged roof can let water rot out wood framing. It can leak into the interior of the home and cause ceiling and wall damage.

Decreased Property Value

A poorly constructed or old roof can lower the value of your property and make it less attractive to potential buyers

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